Is There No Flash in iPad?

Is There No Flash in iPad?
I really shocked when I knew that there is no flash in iPad. My mind pointed to this Apple's product with one question "Why?". I think no just only me that feel like that. When iPad is a device with priority on web experience, email and photos, but you never get the animated web content using flash including game and video. Because it is not cheap PC Tablet, iPad will not give relevant rewards from it's lack of flash.

How do you think about it's the best way to experience Web, e-mail, and photos device (iPad)?

Little mile for iPad

is iPad lack of flash? May be this problem will be solved. You will get full web experiences on iPad. Quoted from Technology Review blog, Adobe has a solution for iPad developers. Using packager for iPad which converts applications written in ActionScript 3 to other format, so flash content will run on iPad.

...Adobe does have a solution for frustrated developers. Its Packager for iPhone software converts applications written in ActionScript 3 to a format that will run on the iPhone. In fact, this solution may shed some light on why Apple chose to block Flash in the first place.

Perhaps, if Flash were supported, and it were easy to access rich applications through the browser, users wouldn't download quite so much from the App Store. Earlier this week, by launching a Web version of its Google Voice software, Google showed exactly how disruptive a powerful web application can be to Apple's tight control over the software that runs on its devices....

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