Unique Jewelry: Punctirus Jewelry Looks Like Cut Sign

Punctirus Jewelry
This Punctirus jewelry is designed by Benoit Patoureaux from Art. Lebedev Studio. It is a unique jewelry available shaped necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Punctirus jewelry will give you sign scissor cutting line.

White skin will give the best scissor cutting line. Look at the picture below.

Bracelets Punctirus Jewelry
Necklaces Punctirus Jewelry

[via artLebedev]



Lola said...

Awesome! ... I like the design... ;-)

eric.jones said...

Nice design!!

Look At Her Beautiful Face said...

Unique, Cool and Classy Jewelry Design. But I it must be an Expensive one...

Romanticherr said...

nice man...i hope everyone likes the designs

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