Origami MP3 Player

Origami MP3 Player
Folding paper art from Japan is really interesting. You can make any shape of material with certain techniques of folding paper. Origami has inspired people to make a Origami MP3 Player. The people behind it are Jun Pyo Kim, Keun Sol Kim, Sung Mi Kang & Joo Hee Park.

It really unique mp3 player ever. The unique side is in how to playing music stored inside it.

Origami MP3 Player

To play the music, fold the player into half to form the icon ” ▶”. To rewind the music, slide one of pieces to make icon ” ▶▶”. To stop the music, unfold the play triangle to a square or ” ■ “. PLAY MP3 Player most definitely adds a new dimension in MP3 designs! What do you think?

I has made imaginary, if I have this origami mp3 player on my hand, I'm sure it will have a short age. Because it easy broken (I think :D).

[via yankodesign]



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