Student's Ipod Explodes

Student's Ipod Explodes
an Ipod of Pentucket Regional High School student explodes during class. It made the class got an unpleasant surprise during the time. The source report that no body was hurt, and there's a perfectly good explanation.

The iPod did not just explode. It was broken so a kid took the entire thing apart and was rubbing wires against the battery, which became very hot, then exploded. This is not a faulty product that caused a danger to people. This was bored kids, in a classroom with a substitute all week, who found a dangerous way to entertain themselves.
[via gizmodo]

From my views: There are no perfect factory-made, they also have a little weaknesses. Do not under estimate to Ipod. If you got your Ipod explodes or has a little trouble, check the warranty availability and then request the one. :D



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