Walking Robot With 24 Oxygen-Tubing Legs

Walking Robot With 24 Oxygen-Tubing Legs
Monica's Icosatetraped is a amazing pneumatically powered walking robot with 24 legs made of hospital oxygen tubing. This is a unique innovation on making robot with hospital material as the component. Now, the hosptal oxygen tubing has a double function so far. Watch the video after the break.

This robot uses twenty four soft pneumatic legs walks at about 1 meter per minute.

This robot is a winner of first prize for best presentation at Hacker's Conference 2005.

Each leg has three flexible tubes that can be made longer or shorter using air vacum. This allows each leg to bend in any direction and to expand or contract.

The landing gear bolts never touch the floor in normal operation. You just don't break twenty-four legs if you stumble.

[via monica's icosatetraped]



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