Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden
Vertical garden says to us "let's go green!". You can decorate your home become a greenery home using Urb Garden. Designed by Xavier Calluaud, the Urb Garden let us an easy planting, just only 6 steps and we'll have ourselves garden.

First, you’ve gotta put a bunch of food scraps (like banana peels, old bread, apple cores, and hard chunks of milk) into the worm farm.

Then, the worm friends produce liquid fertalizer, to which a bit of extra water is added for easier flowing.

The liquid is pumped up to the holding tank, and drips down through the growing pods where the plants are growing. -The unused liquid then drains back into the tank to be recycled through the system again.

Bigtime fun for everyone! This system is too easy to use!

[via yankodesign]

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden



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